Astro Mine

Astro Mine is an exciting online economic game with the possibility of earning real money. We give you a unique opportunity to earn real money without the need for investments, but simply by playing an exciting game.

The principle of the game is quite simple:

- Buy units that will bring you coins. The more expensive a unit is, the more coins it brings. The number of units for purchase is not limited by anything!

- You can sell Coins at any time and get an intra-system currency for them.

- You can withdraw the currency received during the exchange to your real wallet, or spend it on the purchase of even more units!

The fastest possible payments of money to your wallet!

During the game, new blocks will be added in addition, which will allow you to steadily replenish the reserve for maintaining production, which will give an additional guarantee to participants!

You can find out more details about our project from the section Help,
and also by contacting our support service at